The networking bonus

You can book a networking upgrade with your conference ticket (€50 plus VAT). It allows you to attend the evening reception on 16 April in the Verti Music Hall and gives you access to the networking tool. You can use the networking tool to get in touch with other conference participants and send appointment requests.

We have compiled a small FAQ on this subject.

Can I still book the networking upgrade at a later date?

If you did not book the upgrade when you made your initial booking, you can do so later using the link in your booking confirmation.

How do I find other participants in the Networking Tool?

The list of all participants is sorted alphabetically by last name. You can also sort by company name or by which profiles are new to the system (because the person recently signed up). You can also filter by company type or sector.

How will I be found?

Just as you want to find other participants, others want to find you. When you log in to the networking tool for the first time, your blank profile is displayed directly. We recommend that you fill this out as meaningfully as possible and include relevant keywords. You can also add your LinkedIn profile and your company website.

I have received a message from a person via the tool, how can I reply?

You will receive the message with the sender, but the sender's email is stored masked. If you simply reply to the mail in your e-mail program, the address of your counterpart will be visible in the new e-mail and you can simply continue the discussion outside the platform by e-mail. If you want to get to know your counterpart better first, you will also find a link to his or her short profile in the binder of the e-mail. To access this, however, you must be logged in to the conference portal.

Can I use the networking tool to schedule meetings?

No, the networking tool is intentionally not a partnering solution. We are putting it in your hands to make appointments with other conference attendees before, at or after the conference.

What would be a good meeting place at the venue?

Since the tool itself does not automatically schedule meetings, you are completely free to choose the time and place of the meeting. Below you will find a building plan showing the two main levels of the bcc. We have named ten areas for you alphanumerically (A-E on the ground floor, F-J on the upper floor), where you will find bar tables or seating areas suitable as meeting points.

However, you will not be able to reserve seats in advance, but there will certainly be enough corners where you can talk in peace.

Can I see if I have already contacted a person?

Yes, we have implemented this function for you. A small letter icon indicates that you have already contacted the person. If you click on the profile, you will also see the exact date and time.

Will there be an attendee list?

When the networking portal launches, all people who have booked the networking upgrade will be visible and filterable there. However, we will of course still publish a complete list in advance: On Friday, April 12, we will provide you with a list of participants sorted by company in the conference portal. Then you can also use the search to look specifically for people you see in the list.

Veröffentlicht: 27.12.2023