18.04.2018 • 16:00 - 17:30 Uhr • Symposien


Company Presentations

The German biotech sector counts more than 600 small and medium sized enterprises. Most of them are active in the area of therapeutics and diagnostics R&D. Others work e. g. in the field of industrial biotechnology or bioinformatics. Biotech companies form Germany, but also from abroad are invited to apply for a 10 minutes company presentation to present their business models in this session.


Dr. André Domin Technologiepark Heidelberg GmbH

Dr. André Domin is CEO of Heidelberg Technology Park since 2010 supporting innovation and high-tech companies and offering 80,000 sqm rental space. He is on the International Board of Directors of the International Association of Science Parks and Areas of Innovation and serves as its European Division President as. He is Chairman of the Tech Transfer Association Heidelberg Startup Partners and Vice Chairman of BioRN Clustermanagement GmbH managing the Leading Edge Cluster on Personalized Medicine. He now is responsible for the development and financing of the Business Development Center Organic Electronics, the first new building of the 17 ha Heidelberg Innovation Park.

André studied biology at the Johannes Gutenberg-Universität in Mainz and received his PhD on the efficiency of electron transport in photosystems at the Leipzig University.

He worked for the Directorate Biotechnology of the German Federal Environmental Foundation, DBU, Europe's largest foundation promoting innovative environmental projects, and for the Directorate Knowledge & Technology Transfer at the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research, UFZ, in Leipzig.

André was CEO of BioRegio Jena Association and Project Manager of the ark BioInstruments Center Jena. He then moved to Leipzig as Chief Executive Officer of BIO-NET Technology Transfer GmbH at the BIO CITY LEIPZIG. André was also in charge of the Economic Development Agency biosaxony in Dresden facilitating inward investment in the Free State of Saxony. Before moving to Heidelberg, he was the Director of LIFE, a 38 mEUR epidemiological study at the Research Centre for Lifestyle Diseases at the University Leipzig.

From 2014 to 2015 André was Interims-CEO and responsible for the change management of the EXPLO Heidelberg running the public learning science museum at the Technologiepark.


Dr. Janko Brand BioTeZ Berlin-Buch GmbH

Dr. Janko Brand is currently engaged as Senior Scientist at BioTeZ leading the development team for the Therapeutic Drug Monitoring IVD called recoveryELISA©. The recoveryELISA© can be customized for all therapeutic antibodies and supports pharmacokinetic and drug dose adjustment studies. The recoveryELISA© can be customized for any therapeutic antibody/antigen pairs and is established for the following: adalimumab/TNFa, infliximab/TNFa, omalizumab/IgE and evolocumab/PCSK9. In parallel Dr. Brand serves as independent consultant at DBP Consult; connecting KMU with KOL and Start Ups; satisfying customers from diagnostic, biotech and pharma.

In 2015 he was asked by the Robert Koch Institute to evaluate lab data in the Ebola crisis in West Africa and as a consequence he founded OneWorldDoctors.org. A platform to distributes medical expertise and facilitates the exchange of medical knowledge to bridge the gap between strong and weak health systems.

From 2014 till 2015 he was Team leader & QMB at Metabolon, steering metabolomic analysis projects and responsible for the quality control. In 2013 he worked as Project manager for Epinamics and development next generation dermal medication application technology.

From 2008 until 2012 Janko made his PhD theses at the Max Delbrück Centre for molecular medicine.  Were he could solve the 3D structure of the mouse stomatin, an ion channel regulator important in pain sensation. Janko gained expertise in a broad range of biochemical and biophysical methods. For his Diploma theses 2006-2017 he joined the Max Planck Institute for Infection Biology for the characterization of chlamydia effector proteins using numerous molecular biology and microscopy methods. He studies biology at FU Berlin and TU Darmstadt.

Improved Dose Decision with Comprehensive Diagnostics Data

Dr. Marco Schmidt biotx.ai GmbH

Artificial Intelligence in Drug Development Leads to Precision Medicine

Dr. Achim Plum Curetis GmbH

Dr. Achim Plum ist Chief Business Officer der Curetis Gruppe, einem in Stuttgart ansässigen börsennotierten Diagnostikunternehmen, das sich auf Lösungen für die molekulare Mikrobiologie konzentriert. In dieser Funktion leitet er die Unternehmens-, Geschäfts- und Strategieentwicklung der Gruppe. Er ist zudem einer der beiden Geschäftsführer der Ares Genetics GmbH in Wien, einem Unternehmen der Curtis Gruppe, das sich mit bioinformatischen und systembiologischen Ansätzen dem Kampf gegen Antibiotikaresistenzen widmet. Bevor er das Management von Curetis 2015 verstärkte, leitete er bei Siemens als Mitglied des Oberen Führungskreises den Bereich In-Vitro-Diagnostics & Bioscience (DBS) des Siemens Healthcare Technology Centers. Vor seiner Zeit bei Siemens, arbeitete Dr. Plum bei dem börsennotierten Molekulardiagnostik Unternehmen Epigenomics AG in verschiedenen Funktionen mit zunehmender Verantwortung entlang der diagnostischen Wertschöpfungskette, zuletzt als Senior Vice President Business & Strategy. Nach seinem Studium der Genetik, Zellbiologie und Biochemie an der Universität Bonn und der University of East Anglia in Norwich (GB) promovierte Dr. Plum 1999 an der Universität Bonn in Molekulargenetik über neue genetische Modelle für humane Erkrankungen.

Curetis – Advancing Molecular Microbiology

Marcel Schmidt EnzyPep B. V.

Peptiligases: Powerful Tools for the Assembly of Peptides & Conjugates

Torsten Mummenbrauer Hookipa Biotech AG

Supercharging Immunotherapy Targeting Infectious Disease & Cancer

Ron Meyer InfanDx AG

New HypoxE-Test – Critical Improvement for Neonatal Care

Dr. Daniel Müller MyBiotech GmbH

MyBiotech GmbH: Innovation through Biotechnology

Dr. Wolfgang Söhngen PAION AG

The Amazing Remimazolam Triple