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Founded in 1984, Sykam GmbH is a family-owned company based in Germany, serving customers around the world with chromatography equipment. With the extensive in-house R&D and manufacturing facilities Sykam has evolved into a highly regarded company by chromatographers, worldwide distributors and OEM customers alike.

In the large and well-established area of chromatography instruments, Sykam has become a well-recognized company as manufacturer and supplier offering a range of routine LC/HPLC instruments as well as a range of outstanding innovative dedicated chromatography systems and analyzers.
As an example, the development of dedicated amino acid analyzers with outstanding performance, proposed to the market as early as the 1980’s, has made Sykam one of the world’s leading suppliers for amino acid analyzers. The addition of Ion-Chromatographs and the latest Preparative HPLC systems with exceptional high flow/pressure performance completes the range of the Sykam chromatography systems.

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