Leibniz Research Alliance "Health Technologies"

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The member institutes and industry partners of Leibniz Health Technologies are working on technology solutions for pressing medical issues. In a cross-disciplinary approach, they strive to improve medical care and the quality of life of patients with technological innovations in diagnosis, therapy and monitoring.
Medical professionals, scientists and engineers cooperate in the alliance to ensure that the technical solutions adequately address medical problems. In particular, the Leibniz alliance is working on new imaging methods, rapid point-of-care testing, bioactive materials and innovative therapies, that can be precisely adapted to individual patients. Furthermore, economists investigate questions of marketability and how society will respond to new medical products.

Added values of the research alliance are:

  • early involvement of important stakeholders in health care
  • fast translation: from basic research to commercial application by industrial partners
  • focus on high benefit for the users
  • approval of the general public -> accompanying research assessing social and economic consequences

Our Competence Areas:

Imaging Methods
Fast detection and precise disease control

Objective parameters for successful individualized therapy

Point-of-Care Technologies
Reliable diagnosis in a few minutes

Plasma Medicine
Preventive care und personalized medical treatment

Bioactive Materials
Functional materials for modern health technologies