Land Rheinland-Pfalz und Landeshauptstadt Mainz

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Joint presentation of the state of Rhineland-Palatinate (RLP) and the state capital Mainz with the following partners:
Ministry of Science and Health RLP
Ministry of Economy Affairs, Transport, Agriculture and Viniculture RLP
Technologie-Zentrum Mainz

The state of Rhineland-Palatinate, in collaboration with the state capital Mainz, is participating as a special regional partner in the German Biotechnology Days 2024. They provide on-site information about current projects and developments, showcase the research diversity of Rhineland-Palatinate, and highlight companies in biotechnology and life sciences in the state capital while also offering research institutions and companies a platform for knowledge exchange and networking with national and international players.

Rhineland-Palatinate is a biotechnology location which combines a long tradition of basic research, along with innovative applications, a diverse portfolio, and a mix of established and emerging companies.

As a part of the state’s biotechnology initiative, targeted investments in research infrastructure have already been made. Additionally, new structures have been established, including the Biotechnology Coordinator of the State Government, Prof. Dr. Eckhard Thines, the Advisory Board for Biotechnology, and the Biotechnology Academy.

Furthermore, the TechnologieZentrum Mainz (TZM) is being expanded into a technology and startup center for biotechnology/life sciences, with support from both the state and the state capital. Dr. Jens Marr is responsible for setting up the BioVation RLP platform at TZM, which links business and science in the field of biotechnology / life sciences in Rhineland-Palatinate. These activities aim to promote networking and increase the visibility of the biotechnology location Rhineland-Palatinate, both nationally and internationally.

The state capital Mainz is investing in the future of the location. 30 hectares of space are available for the successful launch of start-ups and the relocation of established businesses. A city planning competition has recently explored development prospects for an additional 50 hectares. Moreover, with biomindz, a location development company has been established. biomindz focuses on the further development and promotion of Mainz as an internationally successful life science and biotechnology hub.


Ministry of Science and Health (Rhineland-Palatinate)
Biotechnology office
Simone von Stockhausen-Taufenbach
Dr. Kristofer Oedekoven
Phone: +49 6131 165460
Phone: +49 6131 164586

Ministry of Economic Affairs, Transport, Agriculture and Viniculture (Rhineland-Palatinate)
Marlen Peseke
Phone: +49 6131 162121

BioVation RLP
Dr. Jens Marr
Phone: +49 6131 9064120

biomindz Standortentwicklungsgesellschaft Mainz mbH
Dr. Evelyn Rossmann
Phone: +49 151 147 63237