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Bioeconomy and Scale-Up at Fraunhofer: Unlocking Sustainable Growth

As Europe’s biggest organization for applied research, the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft is driving the transition to a circular bioeconomy.

Seamless transition -  from the lab to an industrial scale:
Addressing pressing environmental and climate issues requires a paradigm shift. Our researchers specialize in developing tailored, sustainable solutions that address the unique challenges facing industries worldwide. From agriculture to manufacturing, we develop solutions that help companies scale processes and technologies to seamlessly integrate the principles of the bioeconomy. Our multidisciplinary team of experts collaborates closely with businesses to ensure a smooth and efficient integration of sustainable practices at scale.

Environmental responsibility as a driver:
Turn environmental responsibility into a strategic advantage. Our researchers empower businesses to reduce their ecological footprint by optimizing processes, minimizing waste, and developing innovative bio-based products.

Innovate for a greener future:
Collaborate with our researchers and access state-of-the-art facilities to accelerate bio-based products, materials, and processes. Our commitment to innovation ensures that companies not only meet sustainability goals but also stay ahead in a rapidly evolving market. Our solutions are designed to optimize resource use, reduce costs, and boost overall productivity. See an improved return on investment while contributing to a circular economy.

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Anna Stumpf
Head of Central Office
Fraunhofer Strategic Research Field Bioeconomy
Phone: +49 331 568-1126