Roboklon GmbH

Booth: 28

Welcome to our booth at DBT Berlin 2024. Our experts at Roboklon GmbH offer products for molecular biology and, besides, are always happy to enjoy a pleasant conversation with you.

Some words about us:

Our customers:

  • Molecular biologists working in molecular biology research & development (academy and industry)
  • Industry customers demanding supply of industry-grade, high quality materials in bulk amounts

Our quality standard:

All products are manufactured according to GMP guidelines and are known for their exceptional, high quality and great performance. Not entirely convinced yet? Feel free to ask us for a free sample.

What are we offering? Here’s a brief overview:

  • PCR
    • Thermostable DNA Polymerases (e.g. Taq, Pfu, Hybrid and Derivatives)
    • PCR Master Mixes
  • qPCR Master Mixes
    • Two Step – Classic and Fast Variants
    • One Step
  • Isothermal Amplification
    • LAMP
    • RPA
    • WGA
  • Enzymes (Molecular Biology Grade), e.g.
    • Reverse Transcriptases
    • Ligases
    • Mesothermal Polymerases
    • Nucleases
    • Restriction Enzymes
    • Special Purpose Enzymes & Reagents
  • DNA & RNA Extraction & Purification Kits
    • Spin Columns (DNA / RNA)
    • Magnetic Beads (DNA / RNA)
    • Extracol (Phenol + Gunaidinium-Thiocyanate; DNA / RNA)
  • Emulsion PCR Kits and SELEX Kits
  • Molecular Weight Markers
    • Standard dsDNA
    • Fluorescent dsDNA
    • Protein
  • Nucleotides, Buffers & Chemicals (Molecular Biology Grade)

Looking forward to meeting with you at Deutsche Biotechnologietage 2024 in Berlin.

Further information: