Dr. Ales Bulc

Global Bioenergies

Dr. Ales Bulc

Dipl ing. Dr. Ales Bulc is a Director of Global Bioenergies GmbH and the Project manager for the Leuna Demonstration plant. Dr. Bulc is a Senior Businessman operating successfully at top management level with extensive expertise in commercialization of R&D technologies, project development & investment and  technical sales.  

Dr. Bulc is coordinating the cooperation with Audi for the development of e-fuels, production of large scale samples for 100% renewable isobutene for conversion to specialty chemicals within BBI Optisochem project, and advanced biofuels and Jet fuels within Horizon 2020 Rewofuel project. He is a member of Aireg task force on production and economy. He supervised the production of first 100% renewable isooctane, ETBE samples and the production of EN228 compliant gasoline with 34% renewable content.

With over twenty five years of leadership in corporate governance, Dr. Bulc combines the technical expertise in renewable energy, construction of first-of-a-kind plants and commercialization of R&D results. As a Head of US Construction Management for a German technology provider he was leading the design and engineering effort for the US waste to energy projects and was in charge of the construction management as an EPC contractor. As Director of AMB Invest he was responsible for business development activities, lead client engagements, worked with customers and partner organizations to deliver consulting expertise. Combining the energy background and technology know-how with investment experience he helped create profitable investment project in the renewables arena.. As a senior engineer at Bechtel in San Francisco Dr. Bulc was responsible for demonstrating the effectiveness of large-scale Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage (SMES) and was writing design optimization and cost evaluation software models sponsored by the utility industry.

Dr Bulc is a Fulbright scholar.

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