Dr. Sabine Hauck


Sabine Hauck is Vice President Research & Development at Munich-based biotech company Leukocare. Within LEUKOCARE she is responsible for the research & development activities of the company.

LEUKOCARE is a specialized formulation development provider in the field of biopharmaceuticals with a strong algorithm-based development approach. Beyond state-of-the-art formulations based on latest textbook development approaches, LEUKOCARE provides a next-generation formulation technology platform providing extra stability resulting in beneficial product features and competitive advantages. LEUKOCARE's SPS® formulation technology platform and formulation services are based on a comprehensive excipient database and, moreover, on an algorithm-based development process. This software-supported design of experiment (DoE) approach helps to avoid or reduce high-throughput-screening and strongly increases probability of success. Moreover, it improves stability and quality of biologics like antibodies including high concentration formulations, vaccines including live viral vectors etc. in liquid and dry formulation, and protects proteins in biologically functionalized medical devices like apheresis columns, implants, wound dressings, etc. during sterilization.

Sabine Hauck has nearly 20 years of experience in drug product development and held various positions in the field of development, quality assurance and regulatory affairs in small to midsize biotech and pharma companies, respectively. Prior to her industry career in drug product development, she was a scientist in biosensor development at Fraunhofer.

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